Ground rules

We have strict rules on our network to keep our network a healthy, safe and friendly environment for everyone. That’s why we have a few ground rules you have to follow.

The ground rules:

  1. The only allowed languages in the global chat are English or Dutch, so our staff can moderate it.
  2. Spamming in global chat is not allowed.
  3. Don’t discuss sensitive topics.
  4. Excessive use of profanity, CAPs and swearing is not allowed, keep it polite!
  5. Don’t advertise for other Minecraft server without written permission.
  6. Sexist, racist and/or homophobic content will be punished with a permanent ban.
  7. Don’t harass other people, examples:
    1. Claiming close to another (group of) player(s) without their consent. As this might prevent the player from expanding.
    2. Following a player over and over when he/she asked you not too.
  8. Don’t intentionally harm the server(s), examples:
    1. Don’t create intentional lag (due to set up of your base or poor mod usages)
No hacked clients

When do we consider something a ‘hacked’ client?

A hacked client has loaded more mods then the default modded pack or vanilla Minecraft. With these extra mods users have an unfair advantage compared to the regular server experience.

Example list of these kind of modifications are, but are not limited to: fly hack, wall hacks, speed mods, vanish, no fall etc.

Mods excluded from this are OptifineJourneyMap or Schematica even through they have an advantage when used but are also part of most packs thus we consider them as default experience.


  • 1st offence: warning
  • 2nd offence: 7 day ban
  • 3rd offence: 14 day ban
  • 4th+ offence: 60 day ban
Abuse of bugs and/or exploits

Abusing bugs and/or exploits are strictly forbidden on our network as you will gain an unfair advantage. This make the game less fun for everyone (including yourself).

If you find a bug or exploit, please report it to one of our staff members so we can see if its fixable on our end of not. If you don’t report it but rather use it and/or explain it to other players to risk a punishment for this offence.


  • 1st offence: 1 day ban
  • 2nd offence: 14 day ban
  • 3+ offences: perma ban
Staff Impersonation

Don’t impersonate a staff member or give other players the feeling that you are a staff member at any way (nickname, tags, prefixes etc). If you get caught doing this even as a joke we will act strictly!


  • 1st offence: warning
  • 2nd offence: 7 day ban
  • 3rd offence: 30 day ban
  • 4th offence: perma ban